Aaron Wilensky

Lehigh University South Mountain College - Aaron Wilensky

Aaron Wilensky ’12 (political science) joined SMC as a first-year student and was drawn to the program because he “liked the idea of one-on-one interaction with professors. SMC puts students on a level playing field with professors – especially when topics are outside of their expertise. The 2010-11 Investigations theme Migration was a great experience because it allowed me to conduct intense research for a whole year on Muslims and their way of life. I have been interested in this subject since 9-11.”

In 2011, Wilensky was awarded the Elisha P. Wilbur Scholarship Prize for high GPA (he earned a 4.0). Outside of the classroom, he served as a gryphon during his sophomore and junior years and as head gryphon at M&M his senior year.  He was a member of the University Committee on Discipline. Wilensky also was a co-founder of “Lucky Mug,” a company he formed with three other SMC students (Mario Delgado, Patrick Lee, and Jake Kennon). The company began with the idea of developing phone apps to aid students in the college search process.