Caraline Jeffrey

Lehigh University South Mountain College - Caraline Jeffrey
Lusby, MD

This is my first semester at Lehigh. I’ve been described before as having “intellectual ADD”— I’m interested in such a wide variety of topics that I can never manage to focus on just one. I have a love for the arts, both performing and visual. I act, participate in technical theater, draw, paint, and I’m on the photo staff of the yearbook. I also like to write and I work on the school newspaper. In my free time I read, watch movies, travel, and study the outdoors. I have so many interests that I can't even begin to choose a major, and that is precisely why I chose to join SMC. The program affords me the ability to explore my options without the restriction of general education requirements, while additionally pushing my communication and critical thinking skills that will help me in whatever I may decide to pursue.