David Tench

Lehigh University South Mountain College - David Tench

“SMC is open enough to allow each student to engage their curiosity and work on interesting problems,” is how David Tench ’13 (math) describes one of the best aspects of the program. “This freedom is very valuable. I decided that I wanted to think about feet, and shoes, and how what we wear on our feet affects how we interact with our environment. I ended up with some surprising conclusions, and many more questions. I chose an interesting, difficult problem, grappled with it, and then figured out how to explain to others what I had learned.”

Outside of the classroom, Tench plays saxophone for Lehigh’s Jazz Band, an Aikido club member, a tutor and a volunteer firefighter. His honors include being named a TRAC writing fellow, an Eckhard Scholar, a Dean’s Scholar, a National Merit Scholar, and a Phi Eta Sigma honors society member.