Karen Huang

Lehigh University South Mountain College - Karen Huang
Brooklyn, NY

I often find it difficult to define myself by a set of organizations, interests, activities, etc., as these are things that I participate in often, but are not me. I paint, but I am not just an artist. I am a cognitive science major, but cognitive science is not all that I’m interested in. The one thing I feel that much of my actions are based off of is the desire to do something or create that makes a difference in the manner that I want to. Purpose. It is this desire that drew me to SMC as it gave me the impression that it is a program that will allow me to integrate any topic under the sun into projects that are worthwhile to me. What I am most looking forward to in the SMC program is having my ideas challenged on an intellectual basis because it is only if my ideas are challenged that I can reconstruct the way I think.