South Mountain College is supported in several ways by faculty and staff from across the College of Arts and Sciences at Lehigh.  The program has a director who is advised by a steering committee, and at any one time the program has a set of faculty actively working with its Seminar and Investigations courses. South Mountain College also has a large network of “Friends” who are involved in the intellectual life of South Mountain and also provide advice and support to other members of the South Mountain Community.

Lehigh University South Mountain College - Woman in front of rocksDr. Joan Ramage Macdonald
Earth and Environmental Sciences

Susan Ellis 
9 West Packer Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18015-3188
Maginnes Hall room 326

Current Faculty

Joan Ramage Macdonald (SMC Investigations, 2014-15)
Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Deborah Andrus (SMC Investigations, 2014-15) Adjuct Professor

Benjamin Wright (SMC Seminar, Fall 2014)
University Distinguished Professor, Religion Studies

Peter Zeitler (SMC Seminar, Spring 2015)
Iacocca Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Steering Committee

Nandini Deo

Ziad MunsonLehigh University South Mountain College - Man laughing

Benjamin Wright

Peter Zeitler

Michael Raposa

Gordon Bearn (on leave 2014-15)

David Moore